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We are so delighted to receive some amazing feedback from some of the wishes

That we have granted and realising the impact & memories a wish granted can bring.

Please take a look at just some of our Testimonials received.



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Gemma's Testimonial

Gemma's Testimonial

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The Gorry Family Testimonial

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Caroline's Testimonial

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The Script Video

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Wish Granted for Bernard O Donovan Cork

Helicopter Flight over his home area 2015


Clare’s light star bright

Your star I see tonight

I Wish I may, I Wish I Might

Have the wish. I wish tonight


Up above the world so high

Today Iam an eagle in the sky

Iam happy with my feelings


Iam feeling weightless

I feel new

I feel alive

I feel free

I feel whole

I feel invincible and strong

I feel humble and inspired

I feel grateful

I Feel I matter

I feel amazing

I feel so happy

I feel deep, deep joy.


Rotary blades of whirling possibilities

Lie endless before me.


I feel transformed

  You ask me why?

You gave me wings. I touched the sky.

Clare’s light, star bright

Your star, oh what a sight

A Wish I made. A wish of flight

And got that wish I Made that night.


With deepest Gratitude Bernard O Donovan.

( RIP 2020 )

“ I am writing you in relation to the Da Silva Family. I would like to sincerely thank you for support financially and otherwise, provided to Mr Da Silva’s family in the days leading up to his death. His dying wish was to hug his Daughter one last time, this was achieved because of your foundation, flying Rebecca in from Portugal. Every good wish for the future “

“ I would like to say a huge thank you to you and everyone else that were involved in making my mother’s wish come true. We had an amazing time on Sunday watching Leinster V Ulster in the RDS.

“Thank you so much for the amazing day. David had a ball and everyone was so nice and helpful to us we cannot thank you enough for all you did to make David’s day so special.”

“We feel so grateful to you and Clare’s Wish Foundation for making an amazing wish come true and for that I will be eternally grateful”

“Hi Clare’s Wish, The trip was very successful and Margaret really enjoyed it taking pictures with the president. She also got gifts and tour of the Aras. Well done on an another wish granted and for one very special lady very fulfilled “

“Thank you so much for making Martina’s Wish come true to meet Spandau Ballet. You could not have done it for a nicer family. What you did for the Moore family today is just wonderful.”

“ Hey Kevin, the trip was absolutely fantastic . The Pilo Hotel was perfect and Tayto Park was superb. The weather was also perfect and the kids & Rob , Myself has a fantastic time. Thank you so much for organising this trip for us, appreciate it so much and feel so grateful that our children, all of us had a very memorable enjoyable few days.”

“A Huge thank you for organising such a special day for my Grandmother. Making her Wish come true is something well remember always and be forever grateful for.”

“Thank you so much for getting me to Chelsea. I met all the players and they all gave me a hug and everything. My hero Drogba gave me his hat. John Terry was awesome such a nice guy, it was the most fantastic experience of my life which I will never forget “

“ Omg omg…I Don’t believe you. Oh you are so amazing. You got me there and I am so excited. I honestly can’t believe you would go out of your way to do this for my Mam. You are truly an angel. You made the joy of Xmas so real by your kind hearted soul. Thank you so much.”

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