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Jump for a Wish! 

Clare’s Wish is delighted to announce the launch of their charity jump Saturday 24th of September 2022 or date of your own choosing & you must Contact the club regarding this. The Irish Parachute Club offers a reduced price for people who are fundraising, €280 per person for the jump. The minimum amount to be raised for the charity is further €175. There is a non-refundable registration of €40 to be paid to Clare’s Wish Foundation. Total amount for Skydive to be raised is €495.


This foundation is the only Irish charity dedicated to providing wishes exclusively to adults with terminal illnesses. Clare’s Wish have granted wishes throughout all counties of Ireland since the foundation started, enhancing  the lives of people that need it most. A wish granted provides respite from the normal routines of Hospitals, Doctors and Treatments. We believe a wish has a lasting impact on the whole family, creating memories that last a life time.


The type of jump we offer is called a tandem jump. This is where you are attached to an instructor and requires very little training, then you jump from 10'000ft, you freefall for 30 secs down to 5'000ft, where you get a chance to steer the parachute yourself before the tandem instructor takes over for the landing. There is no limit to the maximum amount of money that you can raise for Clare’s Wish. Best way of raising funds could be a local event such as a music night at a local bar etc.


  • Payment of the jump itself must be conducted 7 days before your scheduled jump. This must be sent directly to the Irish Parachute Club and not to your charity. Methods of payment can include a cheque or postal order. They do not accept cash.


  • Payment of the funds raised for your charity must be conducted before the day of the jump, with the charity only.  




  • Weight guidelines: Tandem Jump– 16 stone


Age restrictions:


1.Any person from 18 years.


2.Persons over 50 year must have a note from their GP stating that they are fit and healthy to jump.


  • Medical Restrictions: If a person has a serious medical condition they would also require a letter from their GP stating they are fit to jump.


       *Independent jump dates must be arranged with the Irish Parachute Club.  

To learn more about the skydive, please visit www.skydive.ie or www.skydiveclub.ie for further information.